Rates include all sick days, holidays, vacation time, and absences for any other reason - these are paid days.   Fees are for a reserved guaranteed spot in the daycare, not attendance.  Refunds and credits will not be given for days where your child does not attend.

·  Full Time:   (5 days or less per week)

           Up to 24 Months            $165.00 per week         (per child)

           2 Years and 3 Years         $135.00 per week         (per child)


Note:  A full day rate will be charged for school holidays/in-service days and summer vacation.

·   Part-time:   (walk in rates only when spots are available)

           Up to 24 Months              $40.00 per day         (per child)

           2 Years and 3 Years           $35.00 per day         (per child)


·   Registration Fee: 

        Up to 24 Months            $165.00 per week         (per child)

           2 Years and 3 Years         $135.00 per week         (per child)